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SaFeR Connections Carbon Plant Rodeo Facility Winter 2021 I n s i d e Rich's Message . . . . . . . . . . 2 OEIA Winners . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Look who Stopped By! . . . 10 Veterans Day . . . . . . . . . . . 15 #GivingGoodEnergy . . . . . 17 Gushers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

2 Rich’s Refinery Manager Message S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 Team, On behalf of the RLT, we wish you and your families a Healthy New Year! As 2021 has come to an end, we wanted to take a moment to Thank You for your hard work and contributions to the SFR Team success. The RLT and I also share in our appreciation for your steadfast dedication to safely executing our work with quality. Given the many distractions we all encounter both inside and outside the plant, we know this can be a challenge and requires attention to detail for every task. So, start off the New Year, knowing that your position is a critical role supporting the success of our organization! We look forward to conquering the challenges and realizing our goals in 2022! Rich Harbison Vice President, San Francisco Refinery OEIA Board Thank you Rebecca Uhlich and Cameron Cavallo for your service on the OEIA Advisory Committee. Both received recognition awards from Rich Harbison and visiting ELT members. Welcome Eric Nehrbas, Jared Wittry, and Jeremy Guiley to the committee. Cameron Cavallo Rebecca Uhlich Eric Nehrbas, Jared Wittry, Jeremy Guiley L to R: Bob Herman, Zhana Golodryga, Jeff Dietert, Cameron Cavallo, Rebecca Uhlich, Mark Lashier, Greg Garland

3 Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Rodeo Renewed: ‘Right project at the right time’ By Bernardo Fallas Corporate Communications Rodeo Renewed, which is expected to transform the San Francisco Refinery in Rodeo, Calif., into one of the world’s largest renewable fuels facilities, stands to reduce facility emissions, preserve well-paid jobs and help California meet both its demand for transportation fuels and its environmental goals. Those are the key takeaways outlined by Contra Costa County in a recently released draft environmental impact report, a requirement of the project’s permitting process under the California Environmental Quality Act. The report represents an important milestone for Rodeo Renewed toward securing the necessary permits because it provides the public with the opportunity to review the document and provide input to the county. “Phillips 66 and the Rodeo Renewed team are encouraged by the publication of the draft EIR and excited to reach the public phase of this project,” said Rich Harbison, Vice President of the San Francisco Refinery. “We believe the draft EIR demonstrates that Rodeo Renewed stands to improve local air quality by reducing emissions, preserve family-wage jobs and help California achieve its environmental goals by locally producing a renewable fuel with lower lifecycle carbon emissions.” With Rodeo Renewed, Phillips 66 aims to pivot its Rodeo Refinery away from processing crude oil, instead using a variety of renewable feedstocks to produce lower-carbon transportation fuels by 2024. Upon approval and after conversion, the facility will have an initial production capacity of 800 million gallons per year (52,000 barrels per day) of renewable diesel, renewable gasoline and sustainable aviation fuel, also known as SAF. Renewable fuels from the converted facility, which after Rodeo Renewed is operational will produce up to 1 billion gallons per year (67,000 BPD), stand to slash lifecycle carbon emissions by an estimated 65%. That’s the equivalent of taking 1.4 million cars off California roads each year. Projected environmental and economic benefits of the Rodeo Renewed conversion outlined in the draft EIR include: F Reducing stationary criteria pollutant emissions by more than 50%, including 80% in sulfur oxides, 33% in nitrous oxides and 20% in particulate-matter emissions F Cutting water usage at the facility by 160 million gallons per year F Creating more than 500 construction jobs, to be filled using local union labor F Preserving more than 650 family-wage jobs, including full-time employees and contractors F Helping California meet regional demand for renewable and conventional transportation fuels while assisting the state in achieving its environmental goals, including carbon neutrality by 2045. The draft EIR was prepared pursuant to CEQA requirements by Contra Costa County, which is the lead agency and is responsible for the report’s adequacy and objectivity. Phillips 66 collaborated with the county by providing all necessary information regarding Rodeo Renewed. The public is invited to review the draft EIR and provide comments to the county by 4 p.m. PST on Dec. 17. Employees who wish to express their support for Rodeo Renewed are invited to visit this site. To learn more about the project, visit www. “We believe it’s the right project at the right time for Contra Costa County and for California,” said Nik Weinberg-Lynn, Manager, Rodeo Renewable Energy. (Published Nov. 11, 2021) I SUPPORT PH I L L I PS66 . COM Rodeo Renewed JOBS IN CONTRA COSTA COUNTY 500 construction jobs to be created and filled using local union labor 650 family-wage jobs with benefits that stand to be preserved through this transition STATIONARY EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS (once converted) 80% SOx 33% NOx 20% PM10 21-0130_32 © 2021 Phillips 66 Company. All rights reserved. We will produce an initial 800 million gallons per year of renewable transportation fuels, including: RENEWABLE FUELS Renewable diesel a high-cetane fuel that runs in all diesel engines and has lower lifecycle carbon emissions Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) a lower-carbon intensity fuel alternative for the airline industry 8 million metric tons per year of lifecycle carbon emissions reductions, the equivalent of taking 1.4 million cars o the road MOBILE EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS A bold idea to transform our San Francisco Refinery in Rodeo, California into one of the world’s largest renewable fuels facilities. FEEDSTOCKS We will have the capability to process a variety of renewable feedstocks including: fats and greases used cooking oil vegetable oils 160 million gallons per year of reduced water usage 4 million projected work hours $104 million payroll and property taxes paid by the Rodeo Refinery in 2019 For more information, visit

4 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 OEIAWinners Achieving Excellence Donte Francisco - "Donte always brings his eagerness and energetic attitude to understanding equipment processes. Not only is he concerned with the nitty gritty details, but with being a helpful teammate. In just one example of achieving excellence, Donte expertly explained to his crew piping equipment problems and where the crew should focus their repair efforts to shorten asset down time." Working for the Greater Good MattMoore - "Since Matt Wagner transferred from Houston, Matt Moore has filled the gap by coordinating the daily activities of the I.T. department. Matt is working for the greater good by ensuring the department stays organized until their next Supervisor takes on the role full time." Kyle Sager & Brendan Nalbone - “Kyle and Brendan were working on the Plant 3 Pump Safeguarding project that proved to have a lot of challenges: (1) new pumps seals that do not fit; (2) motor upgrades not identified by a vendor; (3) critical vibration trip increased voting and (4) more importantly a challenging deadline due to LOPA due date. They achieved excellence by being able to embrace change, adapt quickly, acknowledge mistakes and rebound from them, and implement these changes to make the pumps safer for Operators. Amidst all setbacks, they were able complete & close out these LOPA Plant 3 Pump Safeguarding recommendations in time even with a very tight deadline (not including those that will require T/A).” TedWickers - “Corporate Communications sent a photography team to Rodeo and the C&PA Department was unable to escort the visitors due to schedule conflicts. For three days, Ted cleared his schedule, adjusted his work hours and took the photographers all over the refinery to capture images that will be used in future social media and other publications. Ted worked for the Greater Good and took the lead on this project!” Keith Patton - “Keith truly "Worked for the Greater Good" during a visit from the California State Legislature to SFR. He helped with the logistical planning and even came in on his vacation day to help prepare and coordinate the dignitaries visit to the CCR. Keith is always someone you can count on to help! He is a true thinking partner and leader and we thank him for his many contributions.” Stephan Patchett - “Stephan stepped up to escort the Corporate Communications photography team to ensure they were able to capture sunset photos of the refinery. He helped "Work for the Greater Good" by ensuring their safety as they navigated and photographed Unit 250 and other areas on a tight deadline. His willingness to alter his daily plans to accommodate our guests was critical to the overall photoshoot and we thank him for his efforts.”

5 Joint Health & Safety Committee Annual Meeting The Joint Health and Safety Committee met to review 2021 goal progress and formulate 2022 HSEMS goals. L to R: Tyson Bagley, Joe McInerney, Chris Broglio, Drew Graham, Art Gonzalez, Bobby Thomas, John Sprafka, Carrolle Mendez, Keith Patton, Chevy McGinnis, Derrick Henry Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Rodeo Renewed Update On December 17th the Draft EIR Public Comment Period for the Rodeo Renewed project closed. Thank you to everyone that sent in a letter of support. The outpouring of positive comments from our colleagues, friends, allies, business partners and key stakeholders generated a total of 2,050 letters!! L to R: Aimee Henry, Ted Wickers, Adrienne Ursino, Andrea Fabio L to R: Eunice Bridges & Caitlyn Cooper Steve Kukkonen

6 Update — 2021 Snapshot for the NHN The NHN was extremely active this year with volunteering, employee development, and networking! To sum it up, the hours dedicated in 2021 are as follows: F 225+ combined hours of volunteering l $5,000 contributed to charities l Nominated for a Golden Shield Award for voluntary contributions F 400+ combined hours of development l 6 Early Career Engineer Training Program Seminars F 24 hours of social & networking events F 18 hours of sports & well-being events F 8 Summer interns l 20 hours dedicated to intern only activities and development We are so grateful to all our members for the time and energy they bring to the group. The NHN wouldn’t be what it is without all of you! NHN Breakfast with Executive Leadership Team The NHN committee had the opportunity to present to the Executive Leadership Team during their visit to Rodeo. The NHN had 30 members join the ELT and RLT for breakfast, highlighting the successes of 2021 and getting to know the company’s leaders on a personal level. NHN at the Contra Costa Foodbank A huge thanks to everyone for their support of the NHN’s mission to volunteer at the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano this year. The NHN has so many members that, time and time again, give up their Tuesday evenings to help sort and package donations at the warehouse. After the last event of the year, the NHN has rounded out 2021 with directly sorting and packaging over 27,000lbs of food! This comes out to just over 21,000 meals! Let’s try and beat this record next year! NHN Social Events This winter the NHN tried out Far West Cider in Richmond during an October Happy Hour event. The group got a tour of the facility and had the chance to network with one another while watching the sun set over the bay! The NHN also wrapped up the year with their winter social event which included food, drinks, cookie decorating and an ugly sweater contest! Congrats to our winner, Evan Jones! Greg Garland NHN Breakfast L to R: Mandy Kaur, Daniel Zernickow, Mike Krupnack, Eric Legare Continued on P7 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1

7 L to R: Julio Sanchez, Bryant Cisneros, Danielle Klawitter, Stephen Kelly, Kyle Sager, Mike Krupnak, Evan Jones, Maya Swan, Sabrina Gough, Jennifer Ewanich, Mandy Kuar, Maha Mostafavi, Jordan Fetterman, Dan Zernickow NHN December Safety Audit Challenge Throughout the end of this year, the NHN made an extra effort to highlight the importance of maintaining focus on safety, every day, on every task. One of the best ways to encourage this focus in ourselves and others is by staying engaged in the field. The NHN participated in this effort with a December Audit Challenge. Members were split into audit teams and were challenged to conduct a Life Saving Rule audit during the month of December with their team. Findings were summarized by each team and will be presented to RLT in the beginning of January. Way to finish out the year strong and safe! A big thanks to all of our many members who participated. NHN continued from P6 Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Masks On, Masks Off Photos that appear in this issue have been taken at various stages of the mask requirements, so you will see both photos with masks on and masks off. Please note in all cases the guidelines of the State of California and the Center for Disease Control were practiced at the time of the photos. Effective August 3, 2021, masks and social distancing are required indoors from both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees and individuals. We look forward to seeing and publishing the smiles and faces of our colleagues as mandate policies allow. MASK REQUIRED SAFETY FIRST Lorem m dolor amet,

8 Supervisor Glover "Ham Giveaway" Thanksgiving Giveaway! The SFR teamed up with District 5 Supervisor Federal Glover to donate 408 holiday hams to low-income residents in District 5, including Rodeo and Bayo Vista. Thank you to Dominic Wilson, Brittany Cooper, Carlos Carreras, and Erich Granger for assisting with distributing the hams. Aimee Henry, Supervisor Federal Glover L to R: Dominic Wilson, Brittany Cooper, Erich Granger, Carlos Carreras, Aimee Henry L to R: Carlos Carrerras & Erich Granger S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 Wreaths Across America As part of a national effort, VetNet members laid more than 1000 wreaths at the “Wreaths Across America” remembrance event at Mare Island Naval Cemetery. Each December, wreath-laying ceremonies at more than 2,500 locations across the US and abroad. This is a message of appreciation during the holiday season and to show “we will never forget” those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

9 Assemblyman Tim Grayson Visits SFR L to R: Steven Stenzler (Chief of Staff), Assemblyman Tim Grayson, Barbara McBride (Calpine), Keith Patton (P66), Dominic DiMare (Arc Assc.), Tepring Piquado (Chief Policy Director), Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnel (Local 378), Jason Gallia (Local 378), Steve Konig (Marathon) Tyson Bagley (P66), Fiona Ma (CA. State Treasurer), Senator Bradford Eric Sullivan Allan Kew & Maria Quiros On Nov. 9, the Rodeo Renewed team hosted a tour of the refinery for members of the California State Legislature including our Assemblyman Tim Grayson (Contra Costa), State Treasurer- Fiona Ma; Senator Bradford (Los Angeles), Assemblywoman Bauer-Kahan (Contra Costa) and Assemblyman O’Donnell (Long Beach); Ironworkers, Local 378 and staff members. Many of our guests had never been inside a refinery before, yet they vote on legislation that affects our industry. This tour was an opportunity for us to share our story and showcase our diversity and multiple talents. Our day included visits to the CCR, Hydroprocessing/Unit 250 and the future home of the Rodeo Renewed Pre-Treatment Unit (Unit 235 patio). The expression, “many hands make light work", describes the multi-faceted planning and volume of team members it took to pull this off. Thank you to everyone that had a hand in organizing this successful visit, and to our multiple presenters for explaining our business, the Rodeo Renewed project, and answering many great questions while representing the industry and Phillips 66 so well. Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News

10 Look Who Stopped By! On Nov. 2, Bob Herman, EVP, Refining, visited Rodeo and was debriefed on the Rodeo Renewed project. The team discussed project developments, permitting, prepare-to-operate, and strategies for permit approval. Herman chatted with USW, Local 326 leadership and then received a presentation from the New Hire Network. Senior Scientist, Bud Ghosh visited Rodeo to discuss Air Monitoring systems with our Environmental Team. Dr. Ghosh visited us from Bartlesville and has a wealth of research experience in source apportionment, fence-line monitoring, spectroscopy and photochemistry of inorganic molecules, VOC oxidation using laser techniques, analytical instrumentation expertise and much more! Thank you Bud Ghosh, Stephen Kelly, and Dan Zernickow! SFR welcomed Corporate Communications and photographers to capture the beauty of Rodeo, our assets and outstanding workforce. Thank you to Ted Wickers and Stephan Patchett for helping to make this photoshoot a success! In October, Laurie Madden, Senior Advisor for Digital Communications, visited the SFR and met with the C&PA team and discussed the Rodeo MyRoute channel and other internal communications strategies. L to R: Bud Ghosh, Stephen Kelly, Daniel Zernickow Bob Herman L to R: Stephen de Roppa, Amal Agha, Ted Wickers, Stuart Conway L to R: Adrienne Ursino, Aimee Henry, Laurie Madden RLT Townhall Rich Harbison The RLT gave department updates at a Town Hall in October. The event was available via Webcast and featured an annual wrap up as well as plans for the future. S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1

11 Greg Garland Hosts Townhall Greg Garland L to R: Mark Lashier, Zhanna Golodryga, Jeff Dietert, Greg Garland, Bob Herman With the permit campaign underway for Rodeo Renewed, Greg Garland (Chairman and CEO), Bob Herman (Executive Vice President), Jeff Dietert (Vice President, Investor Relations), Mark Lashier (President & Chief Operating Officer), David Erfert (Senior Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment HSE and Projects), Sonya Reed (Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Communications), Zhanna Golodryga (Senior Vice President, Chief Digital & Admin Officer) visited SFR and debriefed on many project aspects, the permit process and ongoing strategy. While at SFR, ELT met with USW, Local 326 leaders, and employees to discuss the refinery and the future of energy. Later Rich Harbison and the RLT hosted a town hall meeting with Garland and the ELT at the Firehouse. Over 200 people attended in person and dozens watched virtually. Garland lauded the project and answered a variety of questions from the audience. Rich Harbison Tyson Bagley Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News

12 Women's Network Commemorates October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month L to R: Stacey Gestler, Drew Graham To honor our employees and loved ones affected by breast cancer, the Women’s Network adorned the walls of the Admin Building and CRC in pink ribbons. Employees signed the ribbons with the names of loved ones effected by the disease. WN Members also crafted "Hope" wreaths to further build awareness and show their support. If you would like to join WN, contact Stacey Gestler x. 5136 Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 VetNet & New Hire Network Team Up for Veterans Day Volunteer Event VetNet teamed up with the New Hire Network and Rebuilding Together Solano County (RTSC) to provide Safe-at-Home kits and food boxes to struggling veterans and residents of Vallejo Mobile Home Estates. As part of RTSC’s Veterans Week campaign, our volunteers helped deliver 200 kits and 15,000 pounds of food. Thank you to Derrick Henry, Aimee Henry, Billy Sullivan, Carrolle Mendez and her twins Kameron and Kenneth McCarter, Rob Gwiszcz, Amit Palkar, and Allan Kew for volunteering! L to R: Rob Gwiszcz, Derrick Henry, Aimee Henry, Amit Palkar, Kameron McCarter, Carrolle Mendez, Kenneth McCarter

13 Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News L to R: Stan Lawson, Stan Hudson, Bobby Thomas, Nina Korzhova, Jimmy Porter, Tyson Bagley, Congressman George Miller (Ret.), Derrick Henry, Rich Harbison Labor to Labor Dinner USW Local 326 and refinery team members teamed up to discuss the Rodeo Renewed project at the 23rd Annual “Labor to Labor” event hosted by the Contra Costa Labor Council and the Contra Costa Building & Constructions Trades Council, AFLCIO’s. Labor leaders, elected officials and key stakeholders gathered to promote and support working men and women across a variety of industries in the county. Pride66 Gives Back for LGBTQ+ History Month! PRIDE66 gave a $1,000 sponsorship to the Rainbow Community Center in Concord to fund their October "Progress, Pride, Together" event celebrating the local LGBTQI+ community. SFR Joins in on Conservation SFR donated significant funds to the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District for tree removal and clean up. The CCRCD worked alongside Echo Steward’s to transform this overgrown lot in Rodeo into a safe and beautiful landscape. The refinery will continue to work with the community as they outline future development plans for this area. SFR Gives Back-Packs! SFR continues our commitment to those in need. The Unity Council asked for assistance for their backpack drive that was cancelled earlier in the year due to COVID. The event was rescheduled to October and SFR proudly helped provide funding for backpacks and a hot meal for 300 children within the Monument (Concord). BE FORE AF T ER

14 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 Vic Perry's Lunch Group VetNet Luncheon VetNet hosted an end of year appreciation luncheon which included a presentation of VetNet’s 2021 accomplishments. Rich Harbison, Chairman, Derrick Henry and RLT Sponsor, Don Bristol gave remarks stressing the importance of VetNet, and how the ERG continues to make an impact with employees and in the local community.To join VetNet, contact Derrick Henry at Marty Springfield L to R: Al Guerra, Roy Jones, Jimmie Sewell, Ray Ashley, Jeff Zwicker, Rickey Woo, Virginia Woo, Vic Perry, George Nelson No More Whistles The monthly luncheons resumed in November with a small turnout of 7. On December 13th, they had 13 attendees. Luncheons were held at Huckleberry's in Benicia. At the most recent meeting, Dale Iverson, Gerry Breitling, Dave Chan, Kathy Hague, Ken Altman and Steve Clark won raffle prizes. The first luncheon in 21 months was held at the Cast Iron Grill and Bar in Suisun City on December 9th. There were 9 attendees. A pre-pandemic crowd of 20-25 would be more typical. Raffle prizes were won by Ray Ashley, Al Guerra and George Nelson! Chevron Retirees Association Rodeo Refinery employees who earned medical and/or pension benefits from Unocal are eligible to join the Chevron Retirees Association. The annual holiday luncheon was held on December 7th, after having been cancelled in 2020. Rich Stellina and Virginia and Rickey Woo attended. In all, over 100 retirees met at the Berkeley Country Club! Derrick Henry Rich Harbison

15 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News In Memoriam BryanM. Harra passed away on November 5th. He was 89. He had been in the hospital, then moved to a skilled nursing facility in Auburn where he passed. Bryan started his career at the Rodeo Refinery on August 31, 1951. He retired as a Foreman after 45 years in the Maintenance Department. KeithM. Curtin passed away on October 30th. He was 91. Starting on 10/12/1970, Keith worked in Maintenance and was known as the "Parts Person" at the Instrument Shop; he retired in 1992. Notably, during the 1980 OCAW strike, Keith operated his boat as a picket boat just off the Marine Terminal. Thomas C. Openshaw passed away on 9/17/2021. He was 78. From 1965 to 1991 he worked in the Maintenance Department. JimD. Marks passed away on 11/3/2021. He was 83. Jim began his career at the Refinery on July 7, 1969, starting at Unit 220 DuoSol. He later worked in the Bulk Department (Unit 40, Compound and MTC) as part of his 25 years at the plant. Rick de Lege passed away on 12/11/2021. He was Rick retired in 2015 as a Shift Superintendent and was employed at the Rodeo Refinery for 35 years. Prior to working at Phillips 66 Rick served our country as a member of the United States Marine Corp. James C. Tillotson passed away on 11/28/2021. He was 91. He worked as a Chemical Engineer at San Francisco Refinery for only 10 years starting in 1972 and finishing on 9/9/1982. That was followed by a stint at our neighbor, Pacific Refining in Hercules, and then a job in South San Francisco. Veterans Day To honor the service of our nation’s heroes and maintain safety awareness, the Veterans Network (VetNet) and Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) organized a safety-bag handout on Veterans Day. Inside the red Phillips 66 bag were messages from Rich Harbison and Drew Graham, as well as a flashlight and American flag. VetNet also printed service branch helmet stickers for our veteran employees at the SFR and Santa Maria. If you would like a service branch sticker, contact Allan Kew x. 4461. SFR: Vet Net Member Proud U.S. Air Force Veteran SFR: Vet Net Member ProudU.S. ArmyVeteran SFR: Vet Net Member Proud U.S. Coast Guard Veteran SFR: Vet Net Member ProudU.S. Marine Corps Veteran SFR: Vet Net Member Proud U.S. Navy Veteran

16 Black Employees Network (BEN) Update Giving the Gift of Literacy - Give Now! BEN (Black Employee Network) would like to announce a new fundraiser “Giving The Gift of Literacy” to purchase books for children living in poverty. For every dollar you contribute to the Gift of Literacy Book Drive, Phillips 66 will match your donation*. In partnership with First Book, BEN’s fundraiser will enable educators at Rodeo Hills Elementary & Carquinez Middle School to purchase new, high-quality books from the “Stories For All” Project representing diverse characters, voices, and life circumstances. First Book’s mission is to remove cost barriers from education so that every child has the chance to learn. Access to adequate resources is one of the greatest contributors to educational inequality in the United States, but research has identified vast ‘book deserts’ concentrated in low-income communities across the U.S.—with one community having what amounts to one book for 830 children. (Source: Susan B. Neuman, Naomi Moland. “Book Deserts.” Urban Education, 2016.) *Phillips 66 will match your donation with another dollar through a company called Benevity. To request a Phillips 66 match of your donation employees can access Benevity by completing this form: Employees can review the guidelines here. For questions,contact Carrolle Mendez at x. 4571. Functional Drill Exercise Team members conducted a Functional DRILL exercise/workshop. This training session helped prepare our site in the event of an incident. Jared Angelle & Allyson Purcell, from HQ, helped train and assist the team. Not surprisingly, they also picked up some Rodeo Renewed swag!! We thank them both for their support! L to R: Hared Angelle & Allyson Purcell S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 SFR’s Newest ERG: Asian American Network SFR now hosts a new employee resource group: the Asian American Net work (AAN). AAN invites and welcomes all who are of Asian descent as well as individuals who are interested in learning and experiencing different Asian cultures. Interested in joining? Contact Aimee Henry at x 5130.

17 Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News 2021 Holidays #GivingGoodEnergy Santa and his helpers were busy on December 18th. L to R: Michael Miller Jr., Derrick Henry, James Jamieson, Tyson Bagley They started out at the Annual Bayo Vista Children’s Holiday event from 9:00-11:00am. Santa and his crew handed out presents, gift bags, crafts, gingerbread houses & gift certificates to over 75 families. Then Santa and his elves headed to the refinery for the Annual Employees Children’s Holiday Party Drive-Thru from 12:00 to 2:00pm. They handed gift bags and gingerbread houses to over 120 families. Afterward, SFR’s fire engine brought Santa and the Grinch to the Lefty Gomez Community Center for Rodeo’s Annual Tree Lighting Celebration. Over 200 children took pictures with Santa and his team and every child received a holiday gift bag filled with treats and crafts from Phillips 66. The festivities inside the community center included hot cups of coffee and hot chocolate that was served by Adrienne Ursino, Carrolle Mendez and Aimee Henry. Allen Kew assisted children in making their own craft bags that were provided by Phillips 66 and the Hercules/Rodeo/Crockett Rotary Club provided candy and goodies along with the Bay Front Chamber that had cookie making stations for all to enjoy. Local 326 President Tyson Bagley played the role of Santa; Derrick Henry was the Grinch; and Allan Kew and Mark Brashear took turns as Olaf; meanwhile, Adrienne Ursino, Carrolle Mendez, Michael Miller Jr., James Jamieson, Joe Jawad, Keith Patton and Yerbol Yeskaliyev were part of Santa’s elf crew. Thank you to all our volunteers for bringing the holiday spirit! L to R: Tyson Bagley, Aimee Henry, Allan Kew, Derrick Henry L to R: Rebecca Uhlich, Thao Nguyen, Aimee Henry, Beverly Johnson, Carrolle Mendez L to R: Tyson Bagley, James Jamieson Michael Miller Jr., Derrick Henry L to R: Michael Miller Jr., Allan Kew, Derrick Henry, Tyson Bagley, Joe Jawad, James Jamieson

18 Halloween SFR employees gave each other quite a fright when they shared their spooky pictures for our MyRoute: Be Local Rodeo Channel Spooktacular contest. Christina Hermans was the grandprize winner! Christina Hermans S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 Bay Front Festival & Run Congrats Stephen Kelly on coming in 1st place in the 5k portion of the Bay Front Fun & Run Festival in Hercules! SFR is an Annual co-sponsor of this community event. A Rodeo Renewed booth was also set up to educate the community on the project; over 100 people stopped by! Stephen Kelly Rodeo Chili Cook-Off & Car Show P66 had a blast hosting and participating in the Annual cook off. Yieng Wong entered the salsa contest and won second place! A Rodeo Renewed booth was also available for community members to stop by and discuss the project. Do you have a favorite chili or salsa recipe? Consider joining the contest next year! Yieng Wong Sugartown After Covid-19 cancelled most events in 2020, this year's Sugartown Festival was in full swing. SFR proudly co-sponsored the 13th Annual street fair. There were two stages with live music, delicious food, local artists, over 40 local vendors, and our own Rodeo Renewed booth. Over 200 people stopped by to learn more about the project and got a packet of California poppy seeds to plant next spring. Thank you to our volunteers! L to R: Rebecca Uhlich & Debi Lowe

19 PORC Awards September Sherrie Keenan Diego Sanchez Mike Howard Juan Gomez Branden Bell Brendan Cory Council of Industries Boat Cruise The refinery is a member of the Council of Industries, a coalition of businesses and key stakeholders advocating for industrial business in the county. Each year they host a Bay Cruise during Fleet Week to thank their members and allies. L to R: Hilary McQuiston-Fall. Thao Nguyen, John Sprafka, Aimee Henry, Drew Graham Gushers New Roles September Marlene Troncoso, - Pretreatment Equipment Lead Sabrina Gough, - Rotating Equipment Engineer Cheree Piazza, - Operations Scheduler October Alex Shelton, - Director, Rotating Equipment Fred Zaragoza, - Maintenance Electrical Planner Jesse Kenoyer, - Process B Operations Shift Super Jonathan Smith, - Supervisor, I&E Maintenance Process A November Pete Bodoh, - Bulk Operations Shift Supervisor Joe Orcutt, - Chief Inspector December Mark Allen, - Construction Coordinator Laura Sundholm, - Turnaround Controls Associate Site Transfers September Mark Brashear, - IT Area Lead (transfer to Rodeo from Houston) Dan Tavares, - IT Area Lead (transfer to Billings from Rodeo) Robert Reyes, - Superintendent, Rotating Equipment (transfer to Rodeo from Virgin Islands) November Jon Casselberry, - Superintendent, Financial Services (transfer to Houston from Rodeo) Conner Mahan, - Superintendent, Financial Services (transfer to Rodeo from Houston) Retirements November David Wright, - Senior Health & Safety Cons New Hires November Alan Place, – Process Control Specialist Milestones Five Years Andrew Granham, - HSE Manager, Rodeo Susan Lakin, - Product Accountant, Rodeo Ten Years Luigi Christensen, - Operator, Rodeo Laura Illg, - Operator, Rodeo Jerry Legaspi, - Operator, Rodeo Justin Rogers, - Operator, Rodeo Humberto Solano, - Staff I&E Reliability Engineer, Rodeo Fifteen Years Dennis Brito, - Fixed Equipment Maintenance Planner, Rodeo William Gamba, - Supervisor, Maintenance Rotating Equipment, Rodeo Aaron Malito, - Design Drafting Supervisor, Rodeo Twenty Years James Brown, - Operator, Rodeo Jason Donohue, - Area Supervisor Oil Movements, Rodeo Mark Duncan, - Operator, Rodeo Edwin Itzigheine, - Operator, Rodeo Frank Matsche, - Operator, Rodeo Brian Mitchell, - Operator, Rodeo Ulysses Retana, - Operator, Rodeo Jose Rivera, - Operator, Rodeo Tomas Zambrano, - Manager, Technical Services, Rodeo Thirty-five Years Willie Goodson, - Operator, Rodeo Paul Ma, - Rotating Equipment Specialist, Rodeo Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News

20 San Francisco Refinery Employee Newsletter Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery 1380 San Pablo Avenue Rodeo, CA 94575 Adrienne Ursino Public Affairs Director Adrienne Ursino@p66 com 510-245-4400 Aimee Henry Community Affairs Director Aimee M Henry@p66 com 510-245-5130 All information in this publication is for internal use only and shall not be disclosed outside Phillips 66 We would love to hear from you. If you have a photo or story you would like to share, please email S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 All Politics is Local! As part of the campaign for the Rodeo Renewed permit, Nik Weinberg-Lynn and the C&PA team organized over 45 external presentations to local and regional stakeholders. These included the Carquinez Women’s Club and the Bayo Vista Residence Council. Nik also did double duty interviewing with KCBS and the San Francisco Chronicle to promote the project's benefits and how it aligns with State emissions projections. Visit and visit the “In the News” tab to view and listen to several interviews and podcasts detailing the project! Chronicle article published December 15th, 2021 L to R Brent Maxwell, Carlos Avila Gonzales (SF Chronicle), Nik Weinberg-Lynn, Steve Kukkonen Nik Weinberg-Lynn at the Carquinez Women’s Club