Phillips 66

20 San Francisco Refinery Employee Newsletter Phillips 66 San Francisco Refinery 1380 San Pablo Avenue Rodeo, CA 94575 Adrienne Ursino Public Affairs Director Adrienne Ursino@p66 com 510-245-4400 Aimee Henry Community Affairs Director Aimee M Henry@p66 com 510-245-5130 All information in this publication is for internal use only and shall not be disclosed outside Phillips 66 We would love to hear from you. If you have a photo or story you would like to share, please email S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 All Politics is Local! As part of the campaign for the Rodeo Renewed permit, Nik Weinberg-Lynn and the C&PA team organized over 45 external presentations to local and regional stakeholders. These included the Carquinez Women’s Club and the Bayo Vista Residence Council. Nik also did double duty interviewing with KCBS and the San Francisco Chronicle to promote the project's benefits and how it aligns with State emissions projections. Visit and visit the “In the News” tab to view and listen to several interviews and podcasts detailing the project! Chronicle article published December 15th, 2021 L to R Brent Maxwell, Carlos Avila Gonzales (SF Chronicle), Nik Weinberg-Lynn, Steve Kukkonen Nik Weinberg-Lynn at the Carquinez Women’s Club