Phillips 66

10 Look Who Stopped By! On Nov. 2, Bob Herman, EVP, Refining, visited Rodeo and was debriefed on the Rodeo Renewed project. The team discussed project developments, permitting, prepare-to-operate, and strategies for permit approval. Herman chatted with USW, Local 326 leadership and then received a presentation from the New Hire Network. Senior Scientist, Bud Ghosh visited Rodeo to discuss Air Monitoring systems with our Environmental Team. Dr. Ghosh visited us from Bartlesville and has a wealth of research experience in source apportionment, fence-line monitoring, spectroscopy and photochemistry of inorganic molecules, VOC oxidation using laser techniques, analytical instrumentation expertise and much more! Thank you Bud Ghosh, Stephen Kelly, and Dan Zernickow! SFR welcomed Corporate Communications and photographers to capture the beauty of Rodeo, our assets and outstanding workforce. Thank you to Ted Wickers and Stephan Patchett for helping to make this photoshoot a success! In October, Laurie Madden, Senior Advisor for Digital Communications, visited the SFR and met with the C&PA team and discussed the Rodeo MyRoute channel and other internal communications strategies. L to R: Bud Ghosh, Stephen Kelly, Daniel Zernickow Bob Herman L to R: Stephen de Roppa, Amal Agha, Ted Wickers, Stuart Conway L to R: Adrienne Ursino, Aimee Henry, Laurie Madden RLT Townhall Rich Harbison The RLT gave department updates at a Town Hall in October. The event was available via Webcast and featured an annual wrap up as well as plans for the future. S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1