Phillips 66

4 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 OEIAWinners Achieving Excellence Donte Francisco - "Donte always brings his eagerness and energetic attitude to understanding equipment processes. Not only is he concerned with the nitty gritty details, but with being a helpful teammate. In just one example of achieving excellence, Donte expertly explained to his crew piping equipment problems and where the crew should focus their repair efforts to shorten asset down time." Working for the Greater Good MattMoore - "Since Matt Wagner transferred from Houston, Matt Moore has filled the gap by coordinating the daily activities of the I.T. department. Matt is working for the greater good by ensuring the department stays organized until their next Supervisor takes on the role full time." Kyle Sager & Brendan Nalbone - “Kyle and Brendan were working on the Plant 3 Pump Safeguarding project that proved to have a lot of challenges: (1) new pumps seals that do not fit; (2) motor upgrades not identified by a vendor; (3) critical vibration trip increased voting and (4) more importantly a challenging deadline due to LOPA due date. They achieved excellence by being able to embrace change, adapt quickly, acknowledge mistakes and rebound from them, and implement these changes to make the pumps safer for Operators. Amidst all setbacks, they were able complete & close out these LOPA Plant 3 Pump Safeguarding recommendations in time even with a very tight deadline (not including those that will require T/A).” TedWickers - “Corporate Communications sent a photography team to Rodeo and the C&PA Department was unable to escort the visitors due to schedule conflicts. For three days, Ted cleared his schedule, adjusted his work hours and took the photographers all over the refinery to capture images that will be used in future social media and other publications. Ted worked for the Greater Good and took the lead on this project!” Keith Patton - “Keith truly "Worked for the Greater Good" during a visit from the California State Legislature to SFR. He helped with the logistical planning and even came in on his vacation day to help prepare and coordinate the dignitaries visit to the CCR. Keith is always someone you can count on to help! He is a true thinking partner and leader and we thank him for his many contributions.” Stephan Patchett - “Stephan stepped up to escort the Corporate Communications photography team to ensure they were able to capture sunset photos of the refinery. He helped "Work for the Greater Good" by ensuring their safety as they navigated and photographed Unit 250 and other areas on a tight deadline. His willingness to alter his daily plans to accommodate our guests was critical to the overall photoshoot and we thank him for his efforts.”