Phillips 66

19 PORC Awards September Sherrie Keenan Diego Sanchez Mike Howard Juan Gomez Branden Bell Brendan Cory Council of Industries Boat Cruise The refinery is a member of the Council of Industries, a coalition of businesses and key stakeholders advocating for industrial business in the county. Each year they host a Bay Cruise during Fleet Week to thank their members and allies. L to R: Hilary McQuiston-Fall. Thao Nguyen, John Sprafka, Aimee Henry, Drew Graham Gushers New Roles September Marlene Troncoso, - Pretreatment Equipment Lead Sabrina Gough, - Rotating Equipment Engineer Cheree Piazza, - Operations Scheduler October Alex Shelton, - Director, Rotating Equipment Fred Zaragoza, - Maintenance Electrical Planner Jesse Kenoyer, - Process B Operations Shift Super Jonathan Smith, - Supervisor, I&E Maintenance Process A November Pete Bodoh, - Bulk Operations Shift Supervisor Joe Orcutt, - Chief Inspector December Mark Allen, - Construction Coordinator Laura Sundholm, - Turnaround Controls Associate Site Transfers September Mark Brashear, - IT Area Lead (transfer to Rodeo from Houston) Dan Tavares, - IT Area Lead (transfer to Billings from Rodeo) Robert Reyes, - Superintendent, Rotating Equipment (transfer to Rodeo from Virgin Islands) November Jon Casselberry, - Superintendent, Financial Services (transfer to Houston from Rodeo) Conner Mahan, - Superintendent, Financial Services (transfer to Rodeo from Houston) Retirements November David Wright, - Senior Health & Safety Cons New Hires November Alan Place, – Process Control Specialist Milestones Five Years Andrew Granham, - HSE Manager, Rodeo Susan Lakin, - Product Accountant, Rodeo Ten Years Luigi Christensen, - Operator, Rodeo Laura Illg, - Operator, Rodeo Jerry Legaspi, - Operator, Rodeo Justin Rogers, - Operator, Rodeo Humberto Solano, - Staff I&E Reliability Engineer, Rodeo Fifteen Years Dennis Brito, - Fixed Equipment Maintenance Planner, Rodeo William Gamba, - Supervisor, Maintenance Rotating Equipment, Rodeo Aaron Malito, - Design Drafting Supervisor, Rodeo Twenty Years James Brown, - Operator, Rodeo Jason Donohue, - Area Supervisor Oil Movements, Rodeo Mark Duncan, - Operator, Rodeo Edwin Itzigheine, - Operator, Rodeo Frank Matsche, - Operator, Rodeo Brian Mitchell, - Operator, Rodeo Ulysses Retana, - Operator, Rodeo Jose Rivera, - Operator, Rodeo Tomas Zambrano, - Manager, Technical Services, Rodeo Thirty-five Years Willie Goodson, - Operator, Rodeo Paul Ma, - Rotating Equipment Specialist, Rodeo Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News