Phillips 66

5 Joint Health & Safety Committee Annual Meeting The Joint Health and Safety Committee met to review 2021 goal progress and formulate 2022 HSEMS goals. L to R: Tyson Bagley, Joe McInerney, Chris Broglio, Drew Graham, Art Gonzalez, Bobby Thomas, John Sprafka, Carrolle Mendez, Keith Patton, Chevy McGinnis, Derrick Henry Wi n t e r 2 0 2 1 S a n F r a n c i s c o R e f i n e r y News Rodeo Renewed Update On December 17th the Draft EIR Public Comment Period for the Rodeo Renewed project closed. Thank you to everyone that sent in a letter of support. The outpouring of positive comments from our colleagues, friends, allies, business partners and key stakeholders generated a total of 2,050 letters!! L to R: Aimee Henry, Ted Wickers, Adrienne Ursino, Andrea Fabio L to R: Eunice Bridges & Caitlyn Cooper Steve Kukkonen