OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES how we bring our story to life through all that we do WE ARE AGENTS OF EASY ACCESS For those with a hectic life, we provide a spot where all that is needed is within easy reach. We create a comfortable place where the stresses of travel disappear into approachable, casual surroundings for each guest. We make it easy for them to enjoy their stay. WE ARE EXPERT GUIDES TO THE AREA Our hotels are unique, each providing a window to the world. We love welcoming guests to the cities where we live and work. We give them an invitation to explore and we load them up with the best local know-how, so that they can get the most out of our city. WE ARE CREATORS OF TAILORED AND UNIQUE EXPERIENCES Every guest wants to be acknowledged as someone special. We embrace each and every one of them. We learn what matters most to our guests and we use our local knowledge to come through with what they need. They tell us what they love and we tell them how to find it.