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Downtown Benicia iPad App
Benicia Main St iPad App

Over the years, WG Design Group created city tourism directories for print. We are proud to announce that we have taken this into the 21st century by creating the content for an iPad app.

The “Savor Benicia” iPad app is a free download from the iTunes store. It is also available for iPhone.

This interactive guide highlights the city’s attractions, such as museums, public art and historic landmarks. It also features scenic walks and bicycle trails.

This free guide lets visitors plan their trip to Benicia to get the most out of their stay. With the app in hand, they can follow the trail of the historic landmarks and read about them on their phone or ipad.

We’re at the forefront of tourist technology with this guide,” says Benicia Main Street Executive Director, Nancy Martinez. “This takes the place of multiple brochures and it fits in your pocket!

The guide also highlights the major downtown events with videos, dates and locations. The history section offers an introduction to Benicia’s origins through the closing of the Arsenal.

The comprehensive downtown business directory, organized by category, covers dining, shopping and other services offered by local businesses.

This type of app is perfect for cities or redevelopment districts for promoting their city. And without the print costs, it is much cheaper to produce and update.

Check out this short demo video of the iPad app:

Download the iPhone or iPad app from the iTunes store here