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Brochure/Flyer Design and Printing

brochure designBrochure/flyer design has been a stable of our business since we started in 1989. Whether, you need a tri-fold, gate-fold or any other type of brochure/flyer we will design a brochure with impact that will make your business successful. Plus if you print a brochure (8 pages or longer), we’ll create a free flip-page version for your website. All you have to do is ask!

What makes great brochure/flyer design?

Know your target before you start

When designing brochures/flyers, start by putting yourself in your clients’ shoes. What do they need to know? Instead of making a list of what your business does, write what you can do to help your clients. What differentiates good brochure/flyer design from bad brochure/flyer design is how the text speaks to the target audience.

The right typography

Many times we see brochures with fonts that are not suitable. A font normally used on a wedding invitation would be inappropriate for an engineering company and considered bad brochure/flyer design. Keep to simple, suitable and easy-to-read font styles. Have you ever tried to read a brochure typed in upper case? It strains the eyes. We’ll make sure the type looks clean, readable and appropriate.

Printing Brochures

While you can print your brochure /flyer on almost any paper, the most common and affordable printing options are 100# coated or uncoated book, 70# smooth uncoated text or 70# white linen. Brochures can be printed on card stock, but it is important to score card stock before folding.

With modern presses it is now as affordable to print in full color (4/4) as in black and white or 2-color and sometimes cheaper.

Many types of brochure folds are available; tri-fold, bi-fold, accordion, z-fold, etc.

Whether you have your own design or use our graphic design service, we guarantee a great result.




Brochure Design by WG Design Group

You brochure needs to stand out.

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Good brochure design uses appropriate images, well placed. Don\’t use multiple images that project the same thing. One large image will work better. Also, don\’t crowd the cover, no matter the size, the object of the cover is to draw the reader in. If you have too much text there you\’ll lose the reader. Look at the brochure on a rack stand at a hotel or tourist location. Which ones catch your eyes. Good brochure design will stand out.

Those are just some of the aspects of brochure design that will help your achieve your goals. Our design team will make sure it\’s right for you.

Brochure printing

We print all sorts of brochures, custom, color brochures, booklets at a very competitive price and with great expertise. You will benefit by receiving prompt attention for all of your design and printing needs. Our help, services and knowledge will be invaluable to you.