Taste Traditions

For More than 30 Years, Taste Traditions of Omaha has been producing high quality foods for the foodservice, retail/deli market, convenience stores and our U.S. military around the world. Coupled with our outstanding food safety record at our USDA inspected facilities, we stay constantly apprised of changing market dynamics and research new and healthier trends, so we can offer the most effective and efficient solutions for you. Our customers demand the best, and we are here to serve your needs in the United States and internationally. We look forward to being your partner. Mexican Specialties tastetraditions.com • TOLL FREE 866.339.7001 1 Spanish Rice #902225 (4/5 Lb. Bags) Beef Taco Filling #103375 (4/5 Lb. Bags) Fully cooked long grain rice with onions,peppers and spices. Lean ground beef, textured vegetable protein, and onions cooked with Mexican spices. Refried Beans #901195 (4/5 Lb. Bags) Slow cooked pinto beans blended with jalapeños, onions and Mexican spices.