Sierra Nevada Alliance

Friends of the Sierra Nevada Alliance The Alliance would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported our work in 2019-2020. Together, we have accomplished a lot on behalf of the Sierra. 2019-2020 F oundations Latrobe Foundation Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Artnz Family Foundation Long Foundation Patagonia M atterhorn P eak S ponsor ($5,000-$9,999) Chatten-Brown, Carstens & Minteer LLP M ount R itter S ponsor ($1,000-$4,999) Shute, Mihaly, & Weinberger LLP. F reel P eak S ponsors ($250-$999) The Sierra Fund Sierra Business Council A to Z Insurance S ierra K eepers ($500+) Nicole and Nicole Cartwright Hollis Lenderking Sam Mudie Terry Manning Jane Hiatt Standish and Anne O’Grady Karl and Laura Hinrichs Christina Witsberger Jan Chatten-Brown Jeff and Margaret Hatch Pierre and Laura Zado Join us in Sierra Conservation! Did you know there are many ways to contribute to the Alliance? Whether you’re interested in becoming an individual member, sponsoring an event or making a planned gift, we have a multitude of giving options that are flexible and convenient for everyone. Every dollar makes a difference and serves as the lifeblood of our organization. Your much-needed gifts sustain and support Sierra-wide conservation and restoration. Visit our website to learn more! P ika P rotectors ($50-$499) Thomas Herman Denni and Judy Hengen Deborah Levine Wayne Jackson Andrea Thoennessen Nancy Disalvio Heather Stern Michael Diggles Christine Barton Kerstin Block BonnieHarvey Stark Jeffrey Erdoes Hugh Rothman Laurel Prevetti Rich Sammon Kelly Fullerton Gail Rothman Robert Kutner Michael Grace Frank Nowell Julianne Nameth Drew and Margaret Robarts Peter and Peter Sinclaire Oscar Balaguer Jeff Erdoes Norine Hegy Judy Guinn Catherine O’Riley Sharon Cavallo Paul Bettelheim Craig Ritchey Sylvia Sherman Richard Harvey Chris, Chris and Chris Wright Ron Lunder Ken Smith John Kinnear Stephanie Mooers Diana Hall Irene Sakaishi Benjamin Sher Clifford Anderson A.R. Gutowsky John Moore Susan Chandler John Beyer Helen Hobart William Patterson Thomas Harder Judy Suter Maria Mircheva Lois Harter Patricia Schulz Susan Stevenson Karl Pister Tobi Tyler Hugh Safford Pam and Loyd Evans Donald and Patricia Malberg Pat, Tom and Tom Martens Tim and Sandy McFarren Harold and Pam Singer Steve Haze Faith and Piers Strailey George Tanner Stephen and Joyce Arnon William and Karen Babula Mignon and Gerald Gregg John, Alice and Alice Trinkl Hillary and Stewart Bittman William and Diane Nico Justin Chatten-Brown Henk and Peitje Vreman Barbara Reid Ziggy and Jesse Bregman Sandy Briggs Rich and Joan Phillips Ann Harmon Peter, Nancy and Nancy Hussmann Carolyn Pretzer Parker and Joan Wood Bonnie Turnbull Geri Stout Adam SaFir David Reneau Katie Rutherford Debra and Debra Lawlor John Morse Geoff McQuilkin Caroline Hickson Diana Exline Janet Seidman-Domas Christopher Pederson Edward Heneveld Grace Anderson Steven White Cynthia Archer Bruce Horn Dave McNulty Edward Munyak Flint Ellsworth Gerhard E. Hahne Marcus Libkind Lisa Scoralle Carlos Davidson Marshall Hamilton Christal Waters Janet Feil Gordon Polon William McKee Diana Schwab Paul Ogden Catherine Schoen brian loring Justin Denney Christina Frohlich Bruce Goff 19