Occupational Therapy

2 | 800.627.7271 Visit our ecatalog @ PearsonClinical.com/OTBestSellers As an occupational therapist, your life—your passion—is helping those you serve as they work toward reaching their goals. Turning wishing into doing. Making connections. Discovering strengths. Gaining independence. You strive to provide them with the latest information, techniques, and interventions in order to ensure their best chance of success, and we, in turn, strive to support you in your efforts. We appreciate everything you do to help your clients reach their fullest potential, to transform their limitations into accomplishments. We are here to help you make the connection between challenges and abilities. To review all Occupational Therapy assessments, visit PearsonClinical.com/therapy Strength is found where challenges and opportunity meet. Denotes assessments available in Spanish Q-global ® is our web-based system for on-screen administration, scoring, and reporting of this assessment. Learn more at HelloQ.com/digital ® ® Q-global