Booe Realty

19 Information (800) 845-0647 • Hurricane Policy: During Hurricane Season (June thru November) Booe Realty procedures and refund policies will be posted and provided to each guest at check in. It is the responsibility of the guest to take the time to review these policies and become familiar with them. • Damage Deposits: All guests are required to leave cash ($100 to $500) or a MasterCard, VISA or Discover Card imprint for damage deposit upon checking in. This will be held by the rental agent until you have departed and the property is inspected for any damaged or missing items. CASH DEPOSITS WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOUWITHIN 30 DAYS after your departure, provided you have: • (1) completed ALL of the required clean-up duties given to you at check-in. • (2) completely vacated the property and returned ALL keys to Booe Realty by 10 am on departure date. • (3) have not caused any damage and no items are missing from the property • (4) made no long distance calls from the property. In the event all of the above items are not completed by the Guest, all or a portion of your Security Deposit may be charged at Booe Realty’s discretion. Lost or misplaced refund checks will not be reissued until 60 days after original issue date. Please refer to your welcome letter for a complete list of what is expected of you at check out. • Fireworks are strictly prohibited at all properties, including on the beach. Violators are subject to local prosecution. • Guests must follow all city, county and state laws. • Owner’s Closets - Owners sometime leave personal belongings in a locked closet. Please do not try to open these closets. Violators will be responsible for all damages and missing items. • Continuing in 2017 Booe Realty is offering all of its’ guests a travel insurance package through Red Sky Travel Protection. This nationally known company will be providing travel insurance on an “opt out” basis. With many unforeseen circumstances that may arise (i.e. health, weather), why not take the insurance coverage and plan a stress free vacation? Please inquire with a reservations agent for more details. ve the right to make necessary corrections or changes. Prices are subject to change without notice** RRIVAL. Please allow our office time to correct the problem! No refunds will be given.** -SIGNATURE REQUIRED PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY.** • Occupancy limited to maximums listed. If more people are found staying in the property than the property allows, Booe Realty reserves the right to evict the guests with all monies forfeited. • No pets without written permission from Booe Realty. Appropriate fees apply. Guests bringing pets to approved pet friendly properties must conform to local pet regulations. • We reserve the right to substitute comparable accommodations without notice or liability should it become necessary. If comparable accommoda- tions are not available, renter has option of selecting from available properties at prices shown or receiving a complete refund of all deposits. • Units are privately owned and are furnished according to the owner’s taste. Neither Booe Realty nor the owner will be obligated to provide additional furnishings or equipment not presently available in the unit. • We do not guarantee air conditioning, phones, pools, hot tubs or other appliances, but we do guarantee that repairs will be made as soon as possible. No refund will be made on their failure. • Do not charge long distance calls to the phone! Phone services are provided by an alternate carrier. You can use any phone card, VISA, MASTERCARD, etc. to charge your long distance calls. • All reservations are subject to a reservation processing fee. • Cleaning supplies, paper products, trash liners, soap & dishwasher detergent are not furnished in properties. • Boats, trailers and campers are prohibited due to space limitation. All complexes are limited to parking for no more than two cars. Some complexes have parking for only one car. Please inquire about parking with your reservation specialists. • Departure Maid Service is required on each reservation. Price is based on size of property. Extra cleaning fees apply for houses and cottages. Departing guests are responsible for the following: • 1. Clean & put away all dishes, glasses, pots & other kitchen utensils • 2. Put trash in plastic bag & take to dumpster or outside trash cans. • 3. If linens are rented from Booe, place in bag and put on kitchen floor. Please refer to your welcome letter for a complete list of what is expected of you when you check out.