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Full Color Envelope Printing

We print full color envelopes

full color envelope printingDo you remember not that long ago when most small businesses would have had to get a loan to print their envelopes and letterhead in full color? Envelope printing was the most expensive.

Fortunately, with advances in printing technologies, printing envelopes in full color is now affordable.

Your stationery can be complete with full color printing for envelopes and letterhead.

Why is full color important?

Pure and simple – first impressions. When your proposal or solicitation arrives in the mail with all the other letters, whose correspondence is going to stand out? The simple answer is your correspondence, as long as your are utilizing full color with great graphic design.


Full color, Pantone® Color or single color envelope printing?

While full color printing is affordable, not all businesses need it. Many companies use Pantone® colors for branding purposes.

WG Design Group can print whatever you need. The best value papers are our 70# smooth white offset and the 70# white linen. For laser printers we recommend the smooth white. It withstands the heat without smearing. Note: While digital printing is great quality, it is best to use offset printing for stationery as office ink jet and laser printers tend to smudge and smear digitally printed materials.

Graphic Design for your envelopes

Setting up press ready artwork for envelope printing is tricky, especially if there is a lot of color involved. Your designer or art department will know what to do or they can call us for a template. If you have press ready artwork for your envelope, call us for a great price on printing.

Give us a call at 707 745.1601 to help you set up your artwork. We’ll be happy to give you a no obligation quote.