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Door Hangers

Door HangersSometimes the old fashioned way of promoting your business is the best. Get out and pound the street. Identify your target market, whether it is other businesses or residential, you can put your business on their door knob.

Door hangers are effective!

Know your target market…

Let’s say you’re a contractor remodeling a kitchen. Chances are that other, similar homes in the area are also in need of some kitchen refreshing. At the end of your work day, pound the streets with your door hangers. The neighbors will notice your truck coming and going, making your name familiar around the neighborhood which will spark interest. You can also target homes of a similar age in a different part of town.

Business to Business.

If you’re like WG Design Group and do business with other businesses, then door hangers are for you too. Head to the local industrial parks and office complexes and drop off some door hangers. You may not find typical door knobs in an industrial area, but you will find somewhere to hang them. If not, slide them under the door.

Door hangers have a great advantage over direct mail. They arrive at your potential client’s residence or business in full view, not mixed in with a bunch of mail. They will stand out and be noticed and read.

Business cards too!

Door Hanges fro Marketing Your BusinessWe normally use 14pt card stock to print door hangers. A standard size is 3.5″ wide. This makes it easy to design a business card at the bottom of the door hanger. We add a perforation so your customers can tear off your business card with ease and keep it.

Call to action!

It’s usually a good idea to include a call to action on any promotional piece. A door hanger is no different. Offer a discount, a free consultation or a great giveaway. Besides generating interest, when the customer contacts you, you’ll know where the new business came from.

Graphic Design for Your Door Hangers

You can, of course, design the door hanger yourself or hire a designer. If you’d like us to create a a great door hanger targeted for your market, give us a call at 707 745-1601. We’ll give you a no obligation design quote.

Printing Door Hangers

If you have press ready artwork, our commercial printing department will give you a great price on printing your door hangers. We recommend full color printing for creating the best impression.