Solano Land Trust V28 #1

Summer 2021. Vol. 28 #1 Continued on page 2 Land connects us all – protecting it today, saving it for tomorrow Protected land protects water Restoring essential watersheds A t Lynch Canyon Open Space Park, there’s a dry creek bed where, if you know where to look, you’ll find a potent lesson on water. Several boulders huddle together.The boulders were placed there by StreamWise, a scientist-led organization that restores creeks throughout the West Coast. But the boulders look natural settled on the land that, gradually, is settling itself around them. Horsetails, fresh and frilly, green up in the shade of California buckeyes. Horsetails have grown on earth for one hundred million years and reproduce with spores instead of seeds, and they seem to grow a world Samuel James Adams Putah Creek. Several farms and ranches preserved by Solano Land Trust conservation agreement border this waterway.